How does God work?

The way God works in our lives is completely opposite of how the world works in our lives. That is because God is not OF this world, and therefore are we – in Jesus Christ – not OF this world either, but we are IN this world. That is two very different things. So, the ways of God are often very different from the way we would handle things in the world.

The closer and more intimate our relationship is with God is, the more “strange” things He will ask us to do. That is to see if we trust Him. We are worthy to be trusted, and therefore we hear stories about people who leave their home and move to another country – when God tells them to do that. That is a very different way to live than the ways of the world.  I knew a family where God told them to move to another country, and the money for the trip came three days before they should leave … God is never late, but sometimes He is not early either. Sometimes, often, we need to learn to wait on God. We need to be patient. Watch videos on patience, perseverance and the ways of God.

One thing we have to learn is to trust God. We need to learn to trust God’s timing. He sees the future, and we can’t do that, therefore we need Him to speak to us when wait and when to act.

God is for everybody who has a hunger in the soul. The hunger in the soul is something everybody can relate to. Hunger is a natural thing that makes us seek. This hunger will never be satisfied until we live in an intimate relationship with God. Here I’m not talking about the godly, divine or something like that, I talk about Jesus.

Everybody is seeking: Rich, poor, weak and strong. We seek it through different things. Through love in a relationship, through money, through fame, through doing things that make us feel important. In every aerea we think there is something we need to get/seek outside ourselves. Everybody seeks peace and love. Not just peace in the head – because that means there will only be peace sometimes. No, we seek the peace of God – the peace that is everlasting, no matter situation. Everyting else only lasts for a periode, to live in God’s love and peace releases the new creation in us, and we get to experience His freedom, joy, love and peace. In other word; we are living it.

That is why Paul could write the most beautiful things about love even being in captivity, in a cellar, just waiting to die. He was living in God’s love and peace.

That is what we are longing to live in all the time. Not just like when we are having a great day because that feeling doesn’t last, but always, all the time – no matter circumstances.

What was it that Paul knew? What was inside of him that made it possible to live, not just endure, but live in God’s love and peace under these circumstances? That was because he lived in God’s love which is a supernatural love. God’s spirit – The Holy Spirit – is supernatural. That means that His love and spirit kan do things that our human mind cannot understand and grasp. The Holy Spirit in Paul made this possible.