After years of intense searching, in order to come close to God, I was led to write this book. With a particular focus on the deeper and more undefinable spirituel experiences that leads to peace. Something we are all in search of, especially through life’s circumstances.

It became a book that contains a particular immersion in Song of Songs, which exactly reveals this love dance between us and God. A king disguised as a shepherd who fell in love with a common woman. For this reason, he could not ask for her hand in marriage because that was unheard of at that time, so therefore he disguised himself as a shepherd. A pictorial reference to the life of Jesus on earth, to the occurrence on the Cross and His bride.

This dans of immersion which is described in Song of Songs, is a picture of our spiritual walk in our prayer life. A beautiful dance that only deepens and intensifies. Not in the sense as it is between two people, but in the immersion of the spiritual cohesion that lasts forever. Song of Songs contains the disguise of the deeper poetic and mystical sides of God, which we all lang to rest in. They contain peace, cohesion, affiliation and a deep inner love toward to something that is far greater than ourselves.

It is within this spiritual dance between us and God, that we get to learn His ways. From this understanding, we begin to see and understand all the good plans He has for our lives. All born out of His love for us.

Why prayer?

In essence, prayer is all about trusting God. Our prayer life should be the greatest motor to enhance our faith. When we are in prayer, it is all about getting as close as possible to God; becoming capable of surrendering ourselves into His presence. We “wrap” ourselves in Him. We wait on and yield ourselves to Him.

Prayer is connected to waiting, but in the “right” manner. In this scenario, it is all about letting the Spirit take over. It is about knowing how to come into His presence and being able to drink spiritually. So, what does that mean? That you will have to read about in the book.

So, is there also a “wrong” way? Yes — it makes you want to give up. You become impatient, frustrated and you will not experience any fruits from being in prayer. The fruits from prayer life should manifest in the physical. God always answers our prayer.

So, why is there lack of fruits? In other words, why does God not answer? This part I also explain in the book.

What is also illuminated in the book?

What is also illuminated in the book is the psychological influences from our upbringing, which effect and control that has on our prayer life and on our spiritual walk with God.

It can be hard to surrender if one has had negatively marked parents. They represent the first authority we experience, and it can therefore be difficult to immerse into God and the deeper meaning hereof, if we have experienced a negative picture of authorities. I will move into the understanding of what we can do about that in the book.

I will also enlighten the understanding of what it means to come before God with a childlike heart. Because, what does that actually mean? Culturally we have learned that we need to be and do something, before we can exclaim that we have done something of great significance.

In other words, we need to make ourselves visible on the map of life before we have identity, before we can say are something. It is not enough to be who we are.

In that, one could to say, it is opposite with God. In order to come deep and to accomplish, the importance of having an open-minded, non-religious approach toward God, is Alpha and Omega.

Here, the opposite is required of what we have been taught. We need to come before God as if it was the first time. Like children, they grasp everything with non-judgmental eyes and an open-minded mind. By this, it becomes like the first time every time. How do you do that? The book covers this subject as well.

The immersible spiritual layers

Then there is the far more immersible spiritual layers. How do we touch upon these? What are the steps and why?

The book also covers Old Testament prayer life compared with the New Testament prayer life. I describe the importance of knowing the difference between these two, because if we pray Old Testament prayers they will not work, and we end up in a spiritual desert, which is almost impossible to get out of. But, if we learn and pray the New Testament prayers, we will bear fruit.

Impatience, worry and fear are also subjects that I will touch upon. One can experience these to be the greatest invasion in our life but also in our prayer life. So how do one yield oneself when these are raging around on the inner? That you will have to read your way into.

The parallel meaning of the many different historic stories, symbolism, parables that the Bible contains in reference to our prayer life and our spiritual walk, I will also touch upon. Also negative spiritual powers, disturbances, and principalities that want to hinder this immersible intimate relationship with God to flourish.

When I wrote the book, tremendous many hours of research were spent in order to comprehend this multitude of understanding, which needed to be compiled with the spiritual, the experience, the physical and the Word.

The book carries traces of my educational background as a psychotherapist and Bachelor in psychology, in the sense of explaining the deeper humanistic reasons of the historic events that I illuminate in the book.

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For the past three decades Elena Radef has worked as a psychologist/therapist, training instructor, with leadership training and attended Bible school.





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