• When we are being taught, equipped and trained – we constantly grow into becoming a more wholesome being.


Elena Radef

She has a call to minister to people through teaching, training and equipping. >>

Elena’s educational background: Danish Psychotherapist Association, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Training Instructor Education, and Bible school. She has been counseling thousands of people for almost three decades – as a coach, teacher, and speaker.

Her educational background sprung out from a life-changing experience that occurred early in life. She longed for the peace she found on a particular occasion, to be ever-present, which eventually made her turn completely toward God.

Because of this occurrence in her life, over time something grew within her; her passion for equipping other people to live a life of freedom. A life lived unhindered, founded on peace as a fundamental foundation.

The peace that she sought for herself and found, became the guiding rod to help, guide, and lead others, enabling them to live and breathe in the freedom we have been gracefully given through Christ.

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