• When we are being taught, equipped and trained – we constantly grow into becoming a more wholesome being.


Elena Radef

She has a call to minister to people through teaching, training and equipping. >>

Elena is educated as a training instructor, theological education, trained in leadership and mangement, psychotherapist/psychologist and for almost three decades she has done counseling for thousands of people – as a coach and speaker/teacher.

Working with human relations for so many years has given her a great understanding of humanistic problems and how people relate to different issues in life.

How did all of this come about in her life?

It sprung out from early childhood being quite difficult and because of that, later in life, it made her turn toward God: her last hope to get an answer for anything. Out of that she encountered an answer that took years to comprehend – a peace that superseded everything.

Over the next decades she tried everything in order to not just find the peace, but to live in it! She went from one thing to another – attended various courses and educations.

Out of that she turned her eyes toward other people and she started to train, teach and equip them in a whole new and more wholesome way in life: The combination of body, soul and Spirit.

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