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“For you are all one in Christ”    28/12-22

The question of women holding any position in ministry; has been the cause for much dis-contention in the church and still is. Division, strife, and pain have been inflicted not just upon women. But also, on the church in general. It is suffering because half of the church is missing in ministry. That means that half of the gifting from the Holy Spirit is not in function, and many in ministries are not in their rightful spiritual position – obliviously!

Emphasizing that women are not to hold a leading position in the church deselect a large group of people, which is discriminating.

We perhaps understand it more clearly if would we tell a church not to invite a group of people to hold a position in the church because of their nationality or social background. Looking at the matter from this perspective, we clearly see that this is wrong.

In Galatians 3:28 Paul is very clear on this matter:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ.

What could be misunderstood by this scripture? Why is it that the Word still is twisted? It is because people are unwilling to change their habits in their local church and the perspective on the hierarchy that has been building up over the centuries regarding women in ministry.

Yes, we know this is still a problem outside the church; for women not having the same equal rights as men. However, in this article, I am merely addressing the matter in the church.

The church is scared of changing its perspective on this matter. The church is afraid of what other churches or people might say. So, the church prefers to stay the same out of comfort.

In reality, the church is unwilling to change because it fears what “the others” might say and for themselves be excluded.

It is the “fear-based” church that we know is not of the Lord. The fear-based church has much to do with people inside the church being afraid of losing their position.

Do we then really understand scripture correctly? Precaution not to adjust scripture to our preferences because we fear change needs to be present.


Let’s go through the scripture:

1 Neither Jew nor Greek

When Paul wrote this letter, there was constant hostility between the Jews and the Greeks/Gentiles. The Jews could not impose circumcision or ritual requirement of the Old Testament on Gentile believers. Out of this contention rose.

So what Paul is saying is; that the Gentiles were free to function in the church without restrictions. It also meant that the restrictions the Jewish people were obliged to keep during the ritual requirements, they were emancipated from, too. So what Paul is saying is that they are both justified in Christ. He is liberating both of them and that in Christ they are equal.

2 Neither slave nor free

Paul is here saying whether one is a slave or a slave owner, wealthy or poor; in Christ, you are all equal. He wrote this clear statement because of the cultural hierarchy; that was functioning on all levels of society. Paul is therefore emphasizing the grace-given freedom all have received through Christ. So what He is saying is; that through Christ, all is one, which was unheard of at this time. Social status was vividly operating through the hierarchy. In other words, it was a law that was in function at that time. So, what Paul introduced to them was very radical. For this reason, he is speaking it out loud, so boldly and plainly. Habits are hard to change, especially for people in positions.

3 No male and female

Many scholars suggest that Paul is, clearly and distinctly, referring to Genesis 1:27 when writing in this style. He could very simply have written it differently. However, I also believe that his direct approach in the text is because Paul points out a specific importance; in the beginning, unity, equality, and oneness existed. He is stating that in Christ, we are returning to the purpose of Eden.

Likewise, in this argument, we find that circumcision is now irrelevant as they are a part of the ritual requirement. The male privileges are no more. Unity in Christ is the “new” breed. (Not new, because this has always been the command from God).


For these reasons, some scholars call Galatians 3:28 “The Magna Carta of Humanity” Paul is scripturally liberating all in Christ. No longer bound by status or society. Whether high or low: we are now all equal. We are all called to walk in Christ, moving in each of our giftings.

Our outer appearance varies, but in Christ, now everybody is equal to hold any position in the church. Spiritual maturity is not bound by age but by our gifting and our walk with the Lord

Two kinds of waiting     22/11-22                                                            

Make sure you are waiting in the right place!

In our walk with the Lord a lot of times we find ourselves waiting, for numerous periods of time and on different occasions. All for certain purposes and diverse reasons. 

So very unfortunate is it when finding that we have been waiting in vain because we have been waiting for the wrong reasons. This I have seen on different occasions, for various reasons and excuses that people make up. All in order to justify themselves in their conduct and life. Often of times born out of self-pity and not really knowing God. They think they do, that’s the unfortunate thing, and when life/people/God even, tries to tell them differently, they get stiff-necked and don’t relent. 

On the other hand, when we are in the waiting period that God has placed upon our lives, we bear fruit right away, in a small amount until the Lord releases us into more/larger ministry.

I have taken two stories from the Bible that depicts very well these two different scenarios.

Let’s have a look at the Man at Bethesda in John 5:1-15

Here we find a man who has been in a condition of stagnation for 38 years. He did something which was born out of sin. Jesus tells him to go and sin no more in V 14

The man is inflicted by NOT doing God’s will, but something that was born out of sin and that led him to more sin; waiting by the pool believing the superstition that was taking place.

Our vision gets clouded when we follow the trail of sin. One sin often led to another sin. Falling into temptation for believing something to be true that is not, is one of the most dangerous temptations because in this the “WANTING” clouds everything.

We have to be very careful about what we want. We have to ask is it biblical?

The man at the pool of Bethesda wanted it to be true. So, he stayed stuck in the same position for 38 years. That’s a lot of years to wait for nothing.

Be aware of superstition.

Here we find a man believing that there was supposed to come an angel once a year, and the first one who got into the pool would get healed.

This is ungodly because God does not choose people because they get there first, but chooses people out of their hearts condition.

In studying the historic facts of the people at the time of Jesus, we find there is a lot of superstition going on. At the lake of Bethesda, they believed that there came an angel once a year and stirred up the waters, and the first one who got in would be healed. However, they didn’t know their God very well. As like I wrote earlier; God chooses people out of the condition of the heart and not by works.

When people get stuck in false doctrine, they perish; they are unable to come out of it by themselves. 

Don’t it just because others do it.

The man at Bethesda was worshipping other gods. He properly did it because a lot of people at that time did it. That’s another aspect we need to look out for. Not to do it because everybody else is doing it. Not to choose the broad path.

Jesus also talks about this in Matt. 7:13-14. Jesus here refers to entering into the eternal Kingdom, but we must also comprehend that it also applies to the life we live here on earth. 

As we can see this man was bound for living an ungodly life and by this unable to become well. Healing is available here on earth, by choosing the path of life Jesus has set out for us. 

Look out for stagnation.

His life stood still because the Word says that he was unable to move. His life stagnated. He didn’t bear any fruit for himself or God. He became a burden, for himself and the people around him. 

Aspects to be aware of in the waiting period:

  • If we become a burden for ourselves and other
  • Not bearing any fruit
  • Doing it because other people do it. (This even applies if others are doing it for God for the right reasons, but it still doesn’t mean it’s right for you,) We need to consult God on every occasion.
  • In the waiting caused by sin we are not being used by God

Now let’s contemplate the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-39.

First, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers to the Ishmaelites, and later he was sold by them to the Egyptian officer Potiphar. Here his life is more revealed in details of how God was with him (Gen. 39:1-6). 

We read that even when he was in prison, he bore fruit. The people around him bore fruit, and because of that God elevated him through Potiphar. Josep’s life also began to bear fruit. The prison position he was in God used to it elevate him to the next place. The prison or wilderness God places us in leads us to the next step. 

It is not a coincidence where we are.

It serves a purpose. The waiting God places us in has to do with preparation like Joseph. Here God is purging us for the greater call. In this, we still are prosperous, to a minor degree, because God uses the fruit we bear for Him, to bear even more fruit, and because God is with us. 

Where God is there is life; we can’t but other than bear fruit. We go from one glory to another glory. God is always interested in for us to grow.

We don’t know how long Joseph served Potiphar, but we know that the Word says that FIRST he served his master, and THEN he was elevated.

It states that; “and his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord made ALL he did prosper in his hand. So Joseph found favor in his sight, and SERVED him. THEN he made him an overseer of his house, and all that he had he put under his authority.” (Gen. 39:3-4). 

Repetitive things create an ALL.  

The ALL means he did a lot of things. There have to be a lot of things before there is an ALL. That there is a whole collection of things. All to make Potiphar realize that God was with him. So, we know for sure that he, Joseph, was serving Potiphar for a period of time.

He was in prison for 12-14 years. All preparing him for his later call.

Do you have:
Unanswered prayers in your financial situation?
Unanswered prayers in your relationships?
Unanswered prayers in your family life?
Unanswered prayers for things that money can’t buy: a child, a spouse or a job?

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In Matthew 13:40-41 we read: “Just as the darnel (the weeds, the wild wheat) is gathered and burned with fire, so it will be at the close of the age. The Son of Man will send forth His angles, and they will gather out of His kingdom all cause of offense (persons by whom others are drawn into error or sin) and all who do iniquity and act wickedly.”

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart about this scripture, that these times of shift and change is taking place.

Some of the things He said was:
“I will shake the nation when I blow my wind today.
Many people will fall.
Trimble over their own legs
I will remove people out of their position; politicians, leaders, government and churches”.

The shift is at hand!

New times is moving in His wind, but that also means the old has to be removed. We have to look at our own lives and ask the Lord: Is there anything You want me to stop or remove out of my life? And most importantly: Repent and do it!

The Lord has spoken to many people about what to do. Now the shift is coming; for sure knowledge comes wether or not things were done.

Most importantly: God is love! Everything has a purpose and meaning, we might not know why!

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches”

Stay blessed!

Prophetic word for this time

Let your life be a walking, living, breathing gospel!

It is more important to act the gospel out, than just sitting and speaking about it, knowing all the right words and scriptures. Jesus enabled us to become the gospel when He rose again.

It is in you to do as He did, and when He says; you can do it – it means move your legs and arms, and He will do the impossible through you, not only to lift you up, but in a way that everybody around you will stand in wonder and would want it too! Remember when He rose Lazarus from the dead, after 4 DAYS!! He will restore the impossible in your life. Keep praying, keep being the gospel!!

This is a prophetic word for this particular time, as we are moving toward the shift of the year – there is still time to grab 2017 anointing and drag from it, into 2018, where greater things will be outcome of 2017.

Blessings beloved!

This scripture is the prophetic word for now! 1 Corinthians 7:22.  I heard one word: FREEDOM!

Way to often we think of freedom as something like; “I can do whatever I like, when I like it, and when I want it”, but that’s not the way that is healthy for us.

We have a Father who knows much better when, where and how is the right timing for us in every aspect of our life. We don’t, but He does. He knows everything – we know nothing!

PROPHESY – strong words from the Lord the time to come

Gifts are being stirred up. Taking on new directions, new ways, that you would never think they would be in use for.

Visitations of angels will be normal.

That was for the elect (OT)

Will be for all (NT)

I will pour my spirit on all men.

The last will be first and the first will be last will account/apply in this.

The ones you would think the least of will carry my glory in a new way.

That which was my intention for lifestyle, will be what will be outpoured in these times.

Things that has never been seen will be shown.

I will not hide anything from you beloved.

You are my sons and daughters

All that is mine is yours.

Freely given but it costed me everything.

My love for you is that great, beyond your understanding.

Stand up reach out your hands to receive.

I am pouring out – NOW!

Now, today, take it today.

Beloved I love you.

You are never in a battle alone.

I am always with you.

Now, and until the end of time.

My word uphold.

Everything is glued together by my word.

My word is my promise.

A promise of a life in abundance.

Take the word.










My word holds your life by my hand around your waist.

I uphold you by my mercy

You walk by my grace

You breathe by my mercy

I will put you in new places that you could never dream of.

Believe in me and in the word I have for your life.

I have come that you may have life in abundance to the max until it overflows.

My word is the overflow of life

My word creates

My word breathes

NEW TIMES, strong prophetic words from God

Get excited – get up on your marks! New waves of my glory will be poured out, wave after wave. The new times are an ongoing breakthrough of waves. It is not the time to sit down – it is time to press on!

Take what are due in 2016. There is so much more left in 2016. That will be the waves of the move in 2017. Keep drawing on the outpouring of 2016.

2017 will be the physical manifestation of the outpouring of 2016.

It is time to get excited. Stay in expectation of my promise to you. Don’t listen to anything of the ways of the world.

I am going to roll out the carpet of my glory. Raise your head, and the mount of Zion will be visible. These are the times of the Nordic countries. The Promised Land is now. Raise your head, loved ones!

I am your Father

I will always keep my promise

I have heard your cry

I will answer

Am I not the Lord?

2017 will be the year of doors opening. Some are staring at the wrong door (own ideas).

But I will open the right doors – righteous doors.

The doors that will put you in the right position of the call I have put on your life.

Many of you have gone through unrighteous things; those are the things I will use.

The last will be first, and the first will be last.

You were in the shadow, now I will put you in the light

There will be a change in politics, in business, in schools, in society, in families.

I did not come with peace I came with a sword.

My sword will be swung – Sodom and Gomorra will be destroyed (own ways/lifestyle/idolatry).

I will set my children straight. The thing that goes on in the world is an abomination to me, and my wrath will be seen.

I will clean up my house, because it is my house.

There is a shift in this next period. Things in the physical are shifting. Things from the spiritual will begin to come into the physical realm in this next season – 3 months.

The Lord is positioning His people! He is moving people around in unforeseen ways. He is setting people up in front line – I see people sitting in the back rows are being moved up in the front. The last will be the first and the first will be the last!

Encourage people He is setting in the front line. Help them – don’t hold back in helping them. He is also looking for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and looking for servants who are willing to serve – no matter even if they thought is was their turn to be in the front line. All to the cause of raising the level of faith!

He will touch these areas:

  • Positioning women in ministry
  • Change or shift in job situation
  • Change or shift in relationships

In alignment of the words from last week it is a season of; getting the harvest in the conquered land – a stepping out. Daring to go after what God is leading you into.

In Numbers 13:23 Jousha and Hoshea went into the land and brought out fruit.

Not small tiny grapes. No, big ones they had to carry on a pole, along with figs and pomegranates. (Notice they went, they didn’t stand and talked or thought about wether or not they should go).

Let your steps be led by God!!!

Many Blessings

Don’t be afraid to step out! Don’t be afraid of saying yes to become the walking donkey for Jesus.

The Lord looks at the heart, not on outer qualifications. If He says you can do it and is telling you what you assignment is, then you can do it!

He is calling people who want to be the walking donkey and not a standing still donkey. There is a blessing on our steps right now.

In the Bible Jesus is sitting on the donkey on His way in His triumph entry. John 12:12

We are in these triumphal times with Him, BUT we have to let Him lead!

Many Blessings

During these times, the Lord is pouring out His blessings upon us.

September is the months were this open gate of the heaven is released. – A time of blessing. His light is shinning upon us, as it is written in Isaiah 60:1: “And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”

Let us embrace this word, proclaim it and pray over it.

Be ready, be open to receive, be in expectation to the Lord!!

What exciting times we are in!!!!


Things that are moving in these times … All over the place we see how God is gathering in the heard.

Going out to get the lost one, and we see how He is going after “the one sheep” out there.

Many people are giving their life to Jesus.

God is also reminding me of how important it is we stay obedient to His word. Many people lost their crowns in the Bible because they were not obedient to His word. Remember of how He talks about; He came to separate father from their daughters. That means it is time to make a stand for Jesus.

And out of this looking after the ones that will go in the front line for the new times of awakening Europe.

Keep staying in prayer for each other!!

Many Blessing

In these times one certainly experience the coming together of the outpouring of the Lord. Things that was in a holding position is now coming into shape, being obvious clear, doors are opening and so on. We all experience these things in these times of the awakening of Europe.

What a thrilling time we are in – and get to be in on this whole exciting adventure with the Lord and with each other.

Therefore let’s keep praying for and into these times. We all need that!

Many blessings!!!

What a precious time we are in. We are in for the turn around for Europe.

I keep hearing prophetic things, being spoken over this precious time, from many different places.

• Keep proclaiming these new times, in this massive move of the Lord over Europe.

• Keep praying!!! Asking for this outburst of the Lord to come forth.

Thank you all!

On June the 29th the Lord gave me these words.

The words are the times we are moving into and have already begun. I sense it very clearly. We in the ministry sense it clearly. I interpret what it means in the sermon.

“False prophets will be seen in these times

It is no longer about you. It is what you can give.

Division on the inner – what do you choose – comfort or Me. Flesh or spirit.”

It is time to make and take a stand in every area of your life and hand over the problems to the Lord. He knows how to handle them much much better than we could ever possible do.

In April the Lord gave me these words. He spoke very loud and clear. I woke up in the night, and He said to me:

“I will come like a mighty wind, and I will separate the fathers from the daughters.”

It is time to take and make a stand. He is asking you to take and make a stand. One may think; “oh then I have to give everything up, everything of my own, and what does it all mean?”

It means He will come and clean everything up in your life – everything that is hurting, a problem that is difficult, that is chaos and so on, but you have to let Him full on in, in EVERYTHING in your life. You have to give Him everything and be obedient to what He tells you to do, to get rid off, to say and so on.

It might take that you have to make a stand, and that you are the only one, but you are never alone with Him, and he will always put favor upon your life. Things that you know that you have been postponing for a long time, and the Lord has been speaking to you about it.

It is time to say full on Yes to Him. Ask Him what it means in your life.

A lot of people want to be strong and fit, but are not really willing to do all the exercise that it takes to become strong and fit. That is what the Lord is asking.

A mighty wind is something that takes everything away that is not of the Lord. Put in other words; it is harvest time!!!!!

Awake – awake – awake! Revival is moving.

Many blessing and what a wonderful time we are moving into with the Lord!

Over and over, and more and more I hear, we in the ministry hear, how the Lord is going to move over nations in Europe. Very exciting times – let us keep praying for the new that are arising!

He is already showing Him self in new ways, more healing are occurring, chains are broken, the prophetic words that come are very specific and accurate, in other words people are being set free from bondage in may many ways. These are some of things that I experience in my praying for people.

  • Pray for the new that will come.
  • Pray for protection.
  • Pray for knowing and understanding of the Lord.
  • Pray for how you can participate and give.
  • Pray and ask – Lord what is my part in all of this? Show me. Lead me.

And let us give thanks to the Lord for everything He has done for us. For every detail in our lives He is attending without us even noticing it!

Thank Almighty God For Everything!


  • Let us stay in that position – open and awake, ready to find out how He is going to reveal everything in us and around us.
  • Let us stay in expectation of the Lord of how He will move, because it is exciting times we are in.

Many people I meet, clearly see and experience the signs of this awakening of the inner man, of how the Lord is going to pour out His spirit in such a way it is inevitable not to be awakened.

Therefore keep praying, we need each other prayers for many many reasons.

I discovered something today that freaked me totally out in a good way. Freaked me out in the knowledge of how outstanding, great and utterly magnificent the Lord is.

It is important to keep proclaiming the words of the Lord. We might not see anything at first and the enemy tries to steal our hope away in our waiting on the Lord.

Remember that hence God is spirit everything is coming in an opposite way than thing of the world, looks different too, and yet everything has an order and a timing of the Lord, since He is control.

These weeks are very intense, and the Lord gives me many dreams and visions. I am going to share one more, but first a little background.

It was prophesied 110 years ago, in the Asuza congregation, which was the first Pentecost church, that there was going to be an even greater awakening /revival outpouring of the Holy Spirit than had happened in Azusa 1906. Which means that is today, in these times. They held the Asuza / The call on the 9 th of April 2016.

The core congregation in Asuza held only a core group of 50-60 people (because of Asuza 500 millions became Pentecost, not that is it the only way, but more what the consequences was later on ).

The dream/vision I want to share today has something to do with this.

The dream/vision:
I saw a group of people that was ready to go out. They were wearing a kind of a uniform. They were in a place that was completely dark (which represent the world and ways of the world). The held swords and rods.

I heard the Lord say: I will send 50 or 60 people. It is a small army, but it is enough.

50 are the number of the coming of the Holy Spirit and 60 means courts. It also means a confirmation of the prophecy from Asuza. It also means now! The dream contains many meanings, but I am not going to go into them all.

But what I do want to say is; God is the same, and He operates in the same number as He always has done. He fulfills His promises – because that is who He is; a living and loving God.

I hope you really get the importance of this message! We are in these times now.

The awakening times of Europe!!!

With Blessings

These past’s months has been very intense, but especially the last weeks have been obscure radical intense.

We are living in a very exciting time.

I this period I have had many many prophetic dreams some personal and some directly for the whole of Europe.

That is one of them I want to share with you, because of the importance of the encouragement from God in these times.

These past weeks I have been with people from England who have prayed for Denmark over a period for 20 years. Praying for revival, praying for that the anointing would fall on the Scandinavian countries. While I was with them they got an email from a very prophetic man that had seen revival over the Scandinavian countries, first, and that it would spread on down over the rest of Europe.

I know people who have been praying for Denmark over a period for 40 years. That is a LOT! Most people would have giving up, but the Lord gave them the strength to carry on – we are standing on their shoulders. All the praying they have committed them selves to, we benefit from!!!! We don’t have to start all over – no, we can carry the torch on. It is very very important that we honor such unseen people.

One of the recent prophetic dreams I had is that encounter Europe, is this following one:

I see a land map over Europe. I see the countries over Europe divided up as on a map. I see the countries in full size. Then I see two huge angels descending over Europe. The bottom of their robes covers all of Europe.

I am looking at the whole thing from a distance, and out of that I see and experience how very very little the earth is compared to heaven. I see heaven around/above the earth. Heaven is in the containment of the rest of what is out there. Which is heaven.

I see that the earth is at the size of a pinhead, because the pinhead is lying in the hand of The Lord, who is standing up looking down and in absolute full control of everything.

I hear the words: I saw two angles descending over Europe.

I hope that this will encourage you to keep staying in prayer, and that your prayer matters, even when we don’t think or feel so.

With blessings