Spiritual warfare

When we pray, we are doing spiritual warfare. We declare the truth about ourselves and who we are in Christ. When we do that, the enemy can no longer have a foothole in our lives. That is something we need every day of our lives, because the enemy “walks around like a roaring lion in the street”. The small things in life are as usual the things that can be a big problem, when not solved right away.

That is where the enemy get a chance to have a foothole in the door. If we do not confront it immediately, he goes all the way through the door. It is a much bigger problem to get him out when he has gotten inside.

The enemy talks to you with a tiny little voice which can be very easy to not to notice. He whispers in our inner, saying things that keep us away from joy. He says things like: “You can’t manage that. Last time you tried, it didn’t go well – what makes you think you can do it this time? What would others think of you if you do it? If you stand up and take action in your life, you won’t have anybody. They will leave you, think you are crazy. They will not like you anymore, they will stop giving you things and supporting you like they do know. It’s not much, but better than nothing.”

Notice that he takes one sin and create a new one.

There is a spiritual warfare taking place in the spiritual roam. We fight against the rulers of this world. Therefore it is important that we focus on the spiritual roam first – and learn how to do spiritual warfare. When we look into the spiritual roam, we need to know the difference on what is from God and what is from the rulers of this world.

Things occur in the spiritual first, and afterwards they land in the physical roam. In other words; we need to know what comes from God and what comes from the enemy.

Our spiritual gifts are from God. That is why God works through us. It is important not to mix the spiritual and the alternative world. For years I use to practice all kinds of alternative, new ages things which have nothing to do with Jesus. They are not from God. You can read about it or listen to a teaching about it here.

We need these stir up these gifts so they become alive in us. In other words; the gifts need to be awakened so that they can get released when we use them.

In this we need to be with someone that can teach us how we use our gifts   – a person who has an intimate, close relationship with God. In that way what can release our gifts to come alive in us, can come easier and faster. Often it is like that.

Sometimes God can release our gifts through intense prayer because God looks at our hearts qualities. Other times it happens through huge chrisis and sometimes through sickness, just to mention some examples. As mentioned, most often the gifts are released through another person. That is why it is so important to be in a fellowship, to go to church, pray for each other, share life with one another.

Try to imagine this example: You have talent for playing football, but if you haven’t played with anyone, you will never get better – you won’t develope. We need others to be able to play; we can’t play football alone. To be really good, we need a great trainer, a dedicated one. It’s not good to have trainer who only thinks of earning money. Then we won’t get the best out of our talent because we don’t have a trainer who does his best. We need to spend time with someone who can give his best – because then we can also become the best.

If you want to learn spiritual warfare, it won’t do you any good to go to a sports teacher. No, you have to contact a teacher who can teach you spiritual warfare.