How does God work?

The way God works in our lives is completely opposite of how the world works in our lives. That is because God is not OF this world, and therefore are we – in Jesus Christ – not OF this world either, but we are IN this world. That is two very different things. So, the ways of God are often very different from the way we would handle things in the world.

The closer and more intimate our relationship is with God is, the more “strange” things He will ask us to do. That is to see if we trust Him. We are worthy to be trusted, and therefore we hear stories about people who leave their home and move to another country – when God tells them to do that. That is a very different way to live than the ways of the world.  I knew a family where God told them to move to another country, and the money for the trip came three days before they should leave … God is never late, but sometimes He is not early either. Sometimes, often, we need to learn to wait on God. We need to be patient. Watch videos on patience, perseverance and the ways of God.

One thing we have to learn is to trust God. We need to learn to trust God’s timing. He sees the future, and we can’t do that, therefore we need Him to speak to us when wait and when to act.

God is for everybody who has a hunger in the soul. The hunger in the soul is something everybody can relate to. Hunger is a natural thing that makes us seek. This hunger will never be satisfied until we live in an intimate relationship with God. Here I’m not talking about the godly, divine or something like that, I talk about Jesus.

Everybody is seeking: Rich, poor, weak and strong. We seek it through different things. Through love in a relationship, through money, through fame, through doing things that make us feel important. In every aerea we think there is something we need to get/seek outside ourselves. Everybody seeks peace and love. Not just peace in the head – because that means there will only be peace sometimes. No, we seek the peace of God – the peace that is everlasting, no matter situation. Everyting else only lasts for a periode, to live in God’s love and peace releases the new creation in us, and we get to experience His freedom, joy, love and peace. In other word; we are living it.

That is why Paul could write the most beautiful things about love even being in captivity, in a cellar, just waiting to die. He was living in God’s love and peace.

That is what we are longing to live in all the time. Not just like when we are having a great day because that feeling doesn’t last, but always, all the time – no matter circumstances.

What was it that Paul knew? What was inside of him that made it possible to live, not just endure, but live in God’s love and peace under these circumstances? That was because he lived in God’s love which is a supernatural love. God’s spirit – The Holy Spirit – is supernatural. That means that His love and spirit kan do things that our human mind cannot understand and grasp. The Holy Spirit in Paul made this possible.

Spiritual warfare

When we pray, we are doing spiritual warfare. We declare the truth about ourselves and who we are in Christ. When we do that, the enemy can no longer have a foothole in our lives. That is something we need every day of our lives, because the enemy “walks around like a roaring lion in the street”. The small things in life are as usual the things that can be a big problem, when not solved right away.

That is where the enemy get a chance to have a foothole in the door. If we do not confront it immediately, he goes all the way through the door. It is a much bigger problem to get him out when he has gotten inside.

The enemy talks to you with a tiny little voice which can be very easy to not to notice. He whispers in our inner, saying things that keep us away from joy. He says things like: “You can’t manage that. Last time you tried, it didn’t go well – what makes you think you can do it this time? What would others think of you if you do it? If you stand up and take action in your life, you won’t have anybody. They will leave you, think you are crazy. They will not like you anymore, they will stop giving you things and supporting you like they do know. It’s not much, but better than nothing.”

Notice that he takes one sin and create a new one.

There is a spiritual warfare taking place in the spiritual roam. We fight against the rulers of this world. Therefore it is important that we focus on the spiritual roam first – and learn how to do spiritual warfare. When we look into the spiritual roam, we need to know the difference on what is from God and what is from the rulers of this world.

Things occur in the spiritual first, and afterwards they land in the physical roam. In other words; we need to know what comes from God and what comes from the enemy.

Our spiritual gifts are from God. That is why God works through us. It is important not to mix the spiritual and the alternative world. For years I use to practice all kinds of alternative, new ages things which have nothing to do with Jesus. They are not from God. You can read about it or listen to a teaching about it here.

We need these stir up these gifts so they become alive in us. In other words; the gifts need to be awakened so that they can get released when we use them.

In this we need to be with someone that can teach us how we use our gifts   – a person who has an intimate, close relationship with God. In that way what can release our gifts to come alive in us, can come easier and faster. Often it is like that.

Sometimes God can release our gifts through intense prayer because God looks at our hearts qualities. Other times it happens through huge chrisis and sometimes through sickness, just to mention some examples. As mentioned, most often the gifts are released through another person. That is why it is so important to be in a fellowship, to go to church, pray for each other, share life with one another.

Try to imagine this example: You have talent for playing football, but if you haven’t played with anyone, you will never get better – you won’t develope. We need others to be able to play; we can’t play football alone. To be really good, we need a great trainer, a dedicated one. It’s not good to have trainer who only thinks of earning money. Then we won’t get the best out of our talent because we don’t have a trainer who does his best. We need to spend time with someone who can give his best – because then we can also become the best.

If you want to learn spiritual warfare, it won’t do you any good to go to a sports teacher. No, you have to contact a teacher who can teach you spiritual warfare.


To hear God we need to not only know how we talk to God; we also need to know how God sees us. He sees us in a very different way than we see ourselves. God sees us through the righteousness he has given us. When we know this and live in a constant prayer to understand how dependent we are of God, it becomes easy to hear him and live with him. To be in constant prayer means that we live in and understanding of our dependency of God. In human terms you can say that means we need to hang out with God.

The confusion is sometimes this; we can only see our own faults and weaknesses, but God sees all the righteousness, grace, love, strength, courage he has given us, through Jesus Christ who took all our sins. God can’t see any faults and sins in us. We are created perfect because Jesus took our sins. That is why we should look at Jesus’ face. When we do that, we don’t look at our problems any longer, but at HIM. To God any problem can be solved, therefore we must look at Jesus.

We can only look at one thing at the time, and in that way see who we are. That means there are many realizations when we turn towards Jesus.

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To give our prayer to God

That means that you instead of telling God how the prayers shall be, you give your prayers to him. You tell God about the problem, and then you LISTEN to God. You tell God that he can give you grace to act – if he wants you to do anything, otherwise you remain quiet and still. When we do things on our own without the God’s grace, we often make things worse.

God’s way of solving and healing our situation is so much better, and the solution will always be better when we let him take the control and trust him. He he omniscient, and we are not. That is why it is SO important to give our prayers to God.

Instead of praying: “Give me”, your prayer should be: “Make me the person you want me to be”. When we say: “Give me”, it’s the victim in us that is praying. “Fix my life, Lord. Do this for me, Lord, so that I don’t have to do anything. Give me, give me, give, me, God”. When we pray with the righteousness God has given us, we listen, because we give ourselves to the Lord and ask him to help us in an other way. That is like saying thank you afterwards. It gives our prayer another tone, a thanksgiving prayer – even when we ask for help.

When we pray the “give me-prayer”, we can’t hear what God has for us. If we for instance dream about a new job, we think that we can get that by sending out a lot of applications, and then get a call to an interview, maybe more. Maybe we get a job like this. What we do in this situation is to say: “Lord, give me this job, I really need it”. (Notice that we don’t listen to God, but are based on ourselves and our own understanding.) We might search for a job in the newspaper. We still haven’t asked God what we should do and listened. We might apply for too many jobs. We start getting frustrated and get angry on God. We get more frustrated because: “He doesn’t listen”, and we start to remove ourselves from him.

The other way around – when we give ourselves to God, we give our prayer to God in Jesus name, and then we LISTEN. Then God might say: “Call this and this person”, and it might turn out that this person can offer you a job that in fact is better than you thought possible. The salary might be better, better work hours, closer to home – so it fits with the family, or probably all of those matters. You know; God will give you a full life, not only a little better, but MUCH better – a greater life.

We need to listen much much more, instead of directing God and tell him what he should do for us all the time. When we listen to God, he can introduce us to his greater plans, plans that we can’t begin to imagine.