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How does God work?

The way God works in our lives is completely opposite of how the world works in our lives. That is because God is not OF this world, and therefore are we – in Jesus Christ – not OF this world either, but we are IN this world. That is two very different things. So, the […]

Spiritual warfare

When we pray, we are doing spiritual warfare. We declare the truth about ourselves and who we are in Christ. When we do that, the enemy can no longer have a foothole in our lives. That is something we need every day of our lives, because the enemy “walks around like a roaring lion in the street”. […]


To hear God we need to not only know how we talk to God; we also need to know how God sees us. He sees us in a very different way than we see ourselves. God sees us through the righteousness he has given us. When we know this and live in a constant prayer […]